So this is my first blog post ever. I have never blogged and honestly I have never really been the type to put myself out there like this. However I believe, like many of us, that I have a story to tell. Why have I decided to start this blog? Well, I hope my Blog will be inspirational to those who are going through a tough time either major or the small day to day things. My Faith in Jesus and God has helped me overcome many things in my life, my most recent ordeal being one that has given God the opportunity to show his grace and goodness. So for my first post, here is my story of what happened to me this year.

Let’s go back a little bit to Christmas Eve. I had the most wonderful Christmas Eve celebrating with friends and family and when the night was over I went home. Me and Archie were putting our clothes away making jokes as we often do. We laughed a lot that night I even had my own personal dance party (I drank a lot of wine). We finally went to sleep about an hour later, and who would have thought my life would change. I woke up shivering with the worst head ache of all time and throwing up. It all felt very familiar I have been through this dance before but my husband hadn’t. I told him to call my parents because I knew he would need them. I knew I had meningitis but something about this time felt different. I lost my ability to form coherent sentences about an hour and half after I became sick. It was now to time to rush to the hospital.

When I went to the hospital my cognitive ability just deteriaorated before everyone’s eyes. I was no longer able to communicate at all. I don’t really remember much, but I remember my family being around me, I remember my mother desperately asking me who she was. I remember my sister’s face looking at me as if she didn’t know if I was there or not. These following things were told to me by my husband. My brother was sitting by my side anxious and angry asking where the Drs were. Him and my sister wouldn’t leave my side. My husband just kept telling me how much he loved me and that I was going to come out of this. My father was crying saying “you know who I am come on I’m daddy”. My mom on the other hand wasn’t having it. With Strength and conviction she declared and told me your not going anywhere.

No one really knew what was happening however by the grace of God the Dr gave me meds for meningitis before it was confirmed that I had it. God gave me a miracle because I may not be here to tell this story if they had waited any longer. While I was not in the world there were people from all over praying endlessly to Jesus for my recovery. It was finally confirmed that I indeed had bacterial meningitis (streptococcus to be exact). The question on hand now was how did this all happen where did it come from? The Doctors were determined to figure this puzzle out.

A few days later a group of Drs came to my room and asked if I had fluid dripping from my nose, they saw what could be consistent with a tear in the dura (the tissue surrounding the brain) on a CT scan. I hadn’t so I told them no. Maybe not even a day later I bent my head down there it was like a faucet I immediately told the Drs. After numerous and time consuming testing the Doctors found that it was indeed a CSF leak and that I had increased pressure in my head due to a narrowed vein. Another God wink as I would call it because if I wouldn’t have had the fluid coming from my nose they may not have looked into it as intensely. This allowed CSF fluid to come out and bacteria to come in. The next few months would be rough. I would need neurosurgery an Endoscopic repair to fix the leak and a stent to fix the narrowed vein. Getting meningitis was a blessing. God is good! None of this would have been diagnosed if I did not have meningitis and needed all the scans of my head. I had the surgery to fix the leak on February 1st and thank God came out of it very well. After five days in the hospital, on bed rest for 3 of them and having a lumbar drain in my back, I went home to start healing. Recovery was filled rest and having to be assisted with anything/everything I needed to do. From bending to pick something up to getting dressed or even opening a door. Needles to say I am beyond thankful for my parents and my husband for how much they did for me during this time.

8 weeks post surgery I went to get the stent and boy was I ready for it. This nightmare would finally be over after this. I was up during the procedure, extremely loopy, but up. I looked all around the room saw the Dr. looking at this huge tv screen where he could see and measure the veins in my head. All I could think about was this is it your last hurdle soon it’s all going to be over. In the middle of the procedure the Dr. stopped and came to me to tell me the amazing news that he couldn’t do it because the vein was no longer as narrow as the test had shown. In his exact words “there is no medical reason for me to do the stent. At this point it wouldn’t even take”. The procedure was stopped and I was brought out and he had told my family the news. I was taken off my meds that regulate CSF fluid during which time I was observed. Fast forward two months and I am now fully off the meds. I went yesterday to get an MRV to look at the veins in my head and praise Jesus everything is perfect. The Dr can not explain how this happened, how the vein went from being narrow to now having no narrowing at all. Well I can it was a real life miracle from God. So there it is my scary yet awesome story. I am a living, breathing testimony to Gods grace and goodness.

Never underestimate the power of prayer and just because in the natural it may seem impossible always remember we serve an awesome and supernatural God! Praise the Lord! Don’t get me wrong, I was scared stiff and went through a very very difficult time after surgery (there were a lot of tears). Through everything though, God was faithful and took care of me.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post! We all have a story to tell and things we have overcome. I would love to hear yours!

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